Innovations- A local flavor

Business and Political leaders ape solutions, strategies and the workings of the west.They seem to have lost belief in themselves (and their people). They push for solution that have worked in the west in virtually any field –  economic, political, business, education, retail, services, technology, media…They do not realize that it worked because the solution originated from the deep-rooted understanding of the local problems.

The fundamental mistake with this approach – the solutions often dont meet even basic needs of the locals. When they dont, they are pushed through media, advertisements and campaigns. It makes it so expensive and in-efficient.

Think cars for instance – overdesigned to waste 75% of resources – only one person (of possible four) – at any time, using it in most of the world. Now think Nano – touted to be the world’s cheapest car – forcing a need to no. 2 most populous country, India. An innovation in mass transit or single passenger city commute formats could have been more apt.

Think MBA education for instance – A rush to adopt western management philosophies – and making it so glamorous to have their university degrees – and then make it as one of the “qualifications” for the PMS/FMs posts. A western MBA is a mis-qualification to understand and resolve farmers suicide.  The leaders with local or lack of formal education are de-glamorized despite their understanding of the grassroot problems.

Its not a debate of east or west. Its about local versus global. I have a problem with forcing global philosophies without understanding the local needs. And making it glamorous and “rich” to adopt them by local leaders.

But, I have faith. The local leaders, globally, will get tired of either forcing or imitating.To be truly global one needs to be truly local. I am trying my bit.